Rob Houben


Rob Houben is an educational leader, change-maker / creator. He started teaching in the year 2000. Specialized in using technology within education. In 2010, he took the initiative to transition the school where he was teaching from a school with 200 pc’s into a school with Wi-Fi and Chromebooks for everybody. One of the first schools in The Netherlands who started working with Chromebooks. Meanwhile, he was involved in building new courses for the Dutch National Curriculum. He specialized in personalizing education using the best parts of regular education. He believes learning should start with building motivation, self-esteem, and becoming a social networker. In 2015, he got involved with Agora. With 5 colleagues and 60 students, they started working at this government-funded secondary school without using timetables, courses, or age groups. They learn students to manage their own learning process, starting with a simple question: What do you want to make, do or learn? And whatever the answer is, they go from there. At the moment there are 20 Agora schools in The Netherlands, Belgium by their example. Rob has experience as a teacher, policymaker, project leader, team leader, manager, coach and facilitator.With his strong analytical skills, practical approach, open mind, and infectious enthusiasm he’s able to observe, give feedback, give you new ideas and solutions, and help you to deploy them. That's why organizations and schools like Agora & Green School SA hire him.


16 November, 2022 | 15:50 to 16:40
إذن..ماهو مستقبل العمل؟

سوف تتحدى جلسة المناقشة المستقبلية هذه، برئاسة الدكتورة هيلين رايت، المشاركين في التفكير في الشكل الذي يمكن أن يكون عليه عالم العمل وما يجب أن يكون عليه ، وكيف تحتاج المدارس إلى إعداد طلابها للاستجابة - وتشكيل - هذه الرؤية. ستشمل المناطق المغطاة:


· ما الذي يريده الأطفال والشباب حقًا خارج العمل والحياة؟


· ماذا نفعل في المدارس لنقود الطريق؟


· كيف يمكننا التخطيط في المدارس لمستقبل عالم العمل؟