Dr. Yousef Alohali


DR. Yousef ALohali ( BIO) Dr. Yousef Alohali, is a futuristic pioneer in the education and information technology sector, with long experience in the MENA region and deep knowledge and commitment to employing latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Bigdata in education. DR. ALohali is the CEO of Tatweer Educational Technologies (TETCO), the technology arm of the Saudi Ministry of Education (MOE). Under the leadership of DR. ALohali, TETCO is currently leading a numerous wide national initiatives towards transforming education in Saudi Arabia, such as Future Gate Program. In Future Gate, TETCO is effectively utilizing information technology, capacity building of teachers and new pedagogical methods to reform schools and innovate the delivery of learning and teaching in k12 throughout the kingdom, following the strategic objectives of the vision 2030. Dr. Yousef futuristic insights, leadership and talents in computer engineering and artificial intelligence, enabled him to put together professionals and educators from wide range of the education sector, to build the transformation strategies, roadmaps, pedagogic strategies and plans for capacity building, infrastructure, change & implementation.


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