Maliha Ahad


Maliha Ahad is the founder of AIM Middle East in Dubai, an educational consulting and training organization providing contemporary, pedagogical and research based educational services, since 2013. The journey started with identifying the need for quality early childhood education in this region and an alliance was formed with IPC (International Preschool Curriculum), a leading early childhood organization, based in Florida. In order to further expand within the education sector an alliance with KLAYs Consulting UK was also established. Today, AIM Middle East’s services include early years certification programs, early childhood center evaluations, early years and k-12 teaching enrichment (CPDs), school improvement and consulting services. Maliha remains committed to the vision of quality education that is in line with 21st century learning and in inspiring, motivating and energizing educators, with a view to enriching the children’s learning experience. Maliha speaks at various regional events on the importance of Early Childhood Education and is a regular speaker and awards judge at GESS Dubai.

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