Mohammed Alhobabi


National eLearning Center

Mohammed Jarallah has an over 12 years’ teaching experience in the field of training, e-learning, and management and implementation of e-learning related projects in educational systems. He has also contributed to the dissemination of e-learning culture at KKU since 2009. Additionally, he has founded and/or contributed to several e-learning related projects, including but not limited to design and setup up of Tamkeen channel, the first e-learning focused channel of its kind for Blackboard in Arabic. He has effectively contributed in transformation to full e-learning (distance learning) project at KKU during the Covid-19 pandemic. He possesses high skills in both modes of training: F2F and online. Mr. Jarallah has developed many e-learning training programs and courses. He has delivered many training courses targeting over 10000 faculty members and train of trainer. He gets the first award in the subfield of ‘Nuallem’ (we teach) for distinction in quality e-learning programs, organized by the National Center for e-Learning at the level of Saudi Kingdom’s universities. Recently, he has obtained the Excellency’s award, from the KKU University Rector, in ‘digital knowledge’ sub-field.