May Zalat

Head of Education

Blossom Nurseries - Babilou Middle East
May is the Head of Education in Blossom Nursery.  She wanted to work in early years education for as long as she can remember, as she believes that educators have a real impact on students' lives, one that lasts a lifetime. In her work as an Early Years Educator over the past 14 years, May has focused on creating a fully inclusive community for the children of determination.
She calls her as fortunate to become an Early Years consultant & trainer, and to have the opportunity to train learning support assistants, teachers, and nursery managers on how to include children despite their differences.
May is keen to share an honest reflection of being a mom of a child of determination as well as an Early childhood leader in fully including the children in Education
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مساحة الرفاهية وجودة الحياة

16 November 2022 | 13:20 - 13:40 | English | السلامة النفسية والدمج في مرحلة السنوات المبكرة

لا يوجد تعريف واضح للرفاهية، ولكن المحاولة المبكرة لتعريف "الرفاهية" بواسطة برادبورن (1969) كانت من خلال "دراسة ردود الفعل النفسية للناس في حياتهم اليومية وكيف يتعاملون مع الصعوبات اليومية"، بالإضافة إلى الإشارة إلى الرفاهية على أنها "سعادة".


ولكن ما هي أهمية "الرفاهية" في السنوات الأولى وما هي العلاقة بين "الشمول والرفاهية".


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