Janet O' Keeffe

Executive Principal, Governor for Safeguarding & Inclusion

Scholars International Group

Mrs. O’Keeffe has over twenty years of experience in international education & is the Executive Principal & Governor for safeguarding and inclusion across Scholars International Group (SIG) schools. Her role is to support and hold school leadership to account for realizing the schools' improvement plans while fulfilling the schools’ vision. Her educational vision centers around working with all stakeholders ensuring an amazing learning community that empowers students holistically. Each of the SIG schools has its own unique ‘learning ecosystem’ identity. SIA is on its journey to becoming a High-Performance school and the first in Sharjah. The research that underpins HPL aligns with my personal beliefs that given the right conditions all learners have the potential to succeed and reach their goals. Clarion school ignites students' curiosity & offers a progressive education while Dubai Scholars school emphasizes core values of resilience & integrity. Janet has held a wide variety of roles within Dubai’s education sector and is recognized as an advocate of safeguarding and child protection. Prior to joining SIG, she was the driving force leading accrediting qualifications and growth of the Fortes schools in Dubai, as well as the chain of Jumeirah international nurseries. Janet adopts the powerful strategy of leadership by example and believes it is crucial, as a leader, to ensure all staff and students’ wellbeing is prioritized.


16 November, 2022 | 12:20 to 13:00
دروس مستفادة: الطريق أمام مؤسسات السنوات المبكرة

بعد السنوات الثلاث الماضية المضطربة عندما اضطرت إعدادات السنوات الأولى إلى تغيير ممارساتها بشكل جذري، يقوم العديد من قادة السنوات الأولى بتقييم ما هم عليه الآن. التغيير أمر لا مفر منه ونعلم أن أفضل الإعدادات تبحث دائمًا عن طرق لتحسين الأفضل السابق، ولكن ماذا يحدث عندما يتم فرض تغييرات هائلة ومفاجئة؟ لقد تأثرت الممارسة في جميع مجالات الممارسة من المناهج إلى الموظفين. تناقش جلسة النقاش هذه ما يعنيه هذا بالنسبة لبيئات السنوات الأولى وكيف يمكننا تعلم الدروس والخروج أقوى وأكثر مرونة.