Georgina Michaelides

Senior School Headteacher

American Academy Larnaca
Having spent over 15 years in education in the UK (in Cambridge, Essex and Inner London), Georgina moved to Larnaca, Cyprus in September 2020 to lead the American Academy Larnaca.  The school is a British curriculum school that caters to both local and international students and is widely recognised as one of the top private schools in the country.
With several years experience in leadership, a MEd from the University of Cambridge in International Education and an ethnic background rooted in Cyprus, Georgina was confident that she would be able to transition seamlessly into the new role.  Her first years at the school were successful, but not without their challenges.  Alongside a supportive leadership team, gifted teaching staff and incredible students, Georgina faced issues arising from the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, as well as cultural differences and at times, a resistance to change. 
The school is now flourishing as the staff, leadership team and Board collaborate to grow and improve all aspects of the school, working together to meet all targets in their 5 year plan.