Dr Ahmed Yahya AlJubaili


National Centre for School Evaluation and Excellence (NCSEE)

Dr Ahmed Yahya AlJubaili is the CEO of the National Centre for School Evaluation and Excellence (NCSEE) –Education and Training Evaluation Commission KSA. Dr Al-Jubaili received Ph.D. from the University of North Colorado. He obtained many certificates for academic achievement, research, and administrative and training excellence from the University of Al-Imam Mohammed bin Saud and the University of Northern Colorado, and multiple awards from the Saudi Cultural Attaché in Washington and from international, regional, and local administrative and training institutions. Dr Al-Jubaili specializes in educational assessment and evaluation, with over 25 years of experience as a lecturer and director in a number of universities, institutions, and commissions. He contributed to the design of measurement, evaluation, and quality programs in QIYAS, NCAAA, and NCSEE. He also assisted in establishing quality standards for a number of universities. In addition, Dr Al-Jubaili has published many scientific researches in refereed journals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America related to cognitive measurement, evaluating and understanding thinking capabilities, personality, giftedness and talent, academic delay, emotional intelligence, and work analysis in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.