Charlotte Dawson

Early Childhood Centre Manager

CreaKids, Sustainable City

Charlotte Dawson us the Early Childhood Centre Manager at CreaKids, Sustainable City. She is originally from the rural English county of Shropshire. Being a mother, she is driven by the prospect of conserving the environment for children's futures. It is her vision to build a community of articulate and responsible individuals, who have great empathy and a natural curiosity. As such, facilitating the autonomy of individuals, nurturing their growth and encouraging social responsibility are causes which are of great importance. Charlotte originally graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 2011 with a BEd in Primary Education. Ten years later, she then completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The focus of her Master’s thesis emphasised her passion for nurturing a connection to nature in Dubai. Last year, Charlotte received the GESS award ‘Ambassador for the Environment' for her efforts in the community. Alongside work and enjoying time with her husband and two young children, Charlotte continues to run community learning events, present at conferences and write for educational publications.

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مساحة الرفاهية وجودة الحياة

17 November 2022 | 10:30 - 11:10 | English | عقد الصلة بين مدارس دولة الإمارات ومراكز الطفولة المبكرة والطبيعة: مناقشة

أود أن أقترح قيادة حلقة نقاش مع معلمين من بيئات متنوعة تتناول الأسئلة التالية:




- مقدمة: نظرة عامة على كيفية قيامك حاليًا بتسهيل الاتصال بالطبيعة في محيطك.


- ما هي توقعاتك بشأن COP28؟ كيف سيؤثر هذا على التعليم؟


- كيف تمكنت من التغلب على التحديات لربط طلابك بالطبيعة؟ ما هي النصيحة التي يمكن أن تعطيها للآخرين؟


- ما هي الاستراتيجيات التي رأيتها في البلدان الأخرى؟ كيف يمكن لدولة الإمارات أن تواصل الابتكار في هذا المجال؟