Aya Elsayed


Al Samha School

I am Aya Mohamed El-Sayed Abdel-Ghani, a student in the ninth grade at Al-Samha School. I possess many skills and talents, including skills of recitation and public speaking, especially poetry, writing such as writing stories and novels and writing articles, through which I won many local and international competitions, including The Creative Reader two years Consecutively, the pioneers of reading for two years, the little writer in the Big Book for three years, reading is an art, fun and beauty, by reading we rise, with my words, I created two years, the reading challenge I participated in for six years and this is the seventh year, and the heritage competition for writing, the fifty book competition, a competition in Zayed's love I love learning and practicing programming, especially the Python language. Through that, I participated to be in the national team for the Informatics Olympiad and the Hope Challenge competition, which was based on the idea of ​​programming a robot to take a trip to Mars. I am fluent in four different languages, namely Arabic, English, Russian and Chinese, and I am currently learning sign language. Most of all, I am good at Russian and I won the World Language Challenge competition through it. I am also good at video editing, as I have edited many short and long videos that I edit and are on my social media accounts. I am also good at reciting poetry, and through it I won the Knight of Poetry competition.