Anthony Greene

Training Specialist

TTP Ministry of Education
Anthony Greene is New Yorker and has been involved in education for 16 years. Currently, he is a Training Specialist in the Teacher Training Program of the UAE’s Ministry of Education. He graduated with a BA in History from Fordham University, was a 2006 Graduate of the New York City Teaching Fellows where he received a Masters of Science in Elementary Education with a concentration in Special Education from Mercy College (NY), and attended Teachers College, Columbia University’s History and Education Program. He has worked internationally since 2010, first in South Korea, then Spain, and now the UAE. He is the author of the upcoming book, “The Ronin Teacher’s 20 Keys to Teaching Abroad” set to be released on March 7th, 2020 through Amazon publishing and is the host of the “Ronin Teacher Chronicles” podcast.

Education in action

27 February 2020 | 16:00 - 16:30 | English | Self-Care and Stress Relief

This presentation will provide teachers with actionable steps to manage stress and practice self-care throughout their careers abroad.