Anirudh Gupta


DCM Group of Schools

Mr. Anirudh Gupta is a leading Edupreneur, an Eminent Writer and anenthusiastic Social Worker. He is an Environmental Engineer by qualification andhas done his Masters in International Trade and Finance. Mr. Gupta is the CEO ofthe renowned D.C.M Group of Schools, which has off-shoots in various parts ofNorth India and is a leading organization serving the cause of education since1946. He regularly speaks at various national/international forums on diversetopics like Industrial Revolution 4.0, School Education Sector, Safety & Security inSchools, Regulation & Autonomy–Maintaining Balance, Leadership & TeacherDevelopment-Capacity building, Technology & Education etc. Mr. Gupta is alsoan Eminent Writer, an eloquent speaker and a trainer. He has already writtenhundreds of photo features and articles for various newspapers and Magazinesincluding Press Trust of India and The Tribune and regularly speaks at variousnational and international forums. Mr. Gupta is also a leading consultant and onthe Board of Advisors of many educational and social organizations like ‘IDAEdupreneurs Community’ (India), International Council for School Leadership,Indian Red Cross, Police Public Welfare Trust etc. He is a Trustee of HussainiwalaMartyrs Memorial Trust (Government of Punjab) which looks into thedevelopment and beautification of the historic monuments along the Indo-PakistanBorder in Punjab.


Innovation Stage

25 February 2020 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Creating & Integrating the Curriculum to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals

“A fundamental change is needed in the way we think about education’s role in global development, because it has a catalytic impact on the well-being of individuals and the future ofour planet.... Now, more than ever, education has a responsibility to be ingear with 21st century challenges and aspirations, and foster the right types of values and skills that will lead to sustainable and inclusive growth, and peaceful living together.”-Irina Bokova, Director General, UNESCO.

In this session, panelists will discuss:

  • Curriculum that can and must contribute to a sustainable global development.
  • How to integrate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in the curriculum that empowerour students to contribute to sustainable development.
  • From preschool to tertiary education–how educational institutions can deal intensively with matters of sustainable development and foster the development of sustainability competencies among young learners.