Andy Gleadhill

Music Education Consultant

Andy is a musician, educator and author with over forty years experience at every level. He is an associate lecturer at Bath Spa University and has had many books and articles published on music and music education. He regularly delivers training and seminars to education settings and conferences around the world.


Wellbeing Space

16 November 2022 | 10:30 - 10:50 | English | Music, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

A unique music programme drawing on musical cultures from all over the world, combined with techniques from Music Therapy and elements of Sound Therapy practice, that promote relaxation, mindfulness, and wellbeing and enable pupils to actively create their own mindful music to help relieve stress and improve wellbeing. Benefits include boosting the immune system, helping to release mood-enhancing endorphins, promoting greater levels of energy and enthusiasm, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. All these things help learners and teachers alike become better prepared for the problems presented and grasp the opportunities in a post Covid world. During practical music-making sessions, teachers and pupils experience using music from a range of cultures around the world, that help students relax, become mindful and promote wellbeing. The music sessions are inclusive, accessible to all, non-religious, with no belief system required and do not require any previous musical experience.