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Andrew Short

Sales Director - International Schools

When I was a Teacher and Principal I constantly looked for a better way to do things, from more innovative learning environments to a more engaging curriculum across an array of different classrooms and schools. It was this passion for creative change that led me to become an education consultant, where I had the challenge of implementing new curriculums to schools in New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific Rim. My career then progressed into leading educational reform programmes in the Middle East in Qatar and then later for GEMS Education in Abu Dhabi. The programme of reforming countries newly developed educational systems is one that requires tremendous commitment, strong relationships, resilience when faced with adversity and a desire for improved student learning. I’ve always been an advocate for Furnware because I recognised the company’s drive to better the student learning experience based on academic research to deliver improved environments that encourage stronger engagement in the classroom. Now I’m back in the classroom and excited about working closely with schools to help them design and develop unique learning environments that sets them apart from their competitors.


Innovation Stage

26 February 2019 | 14:00 - 14:30 | English | Designing Innovative Learning Environments For Future-Focused Learners…. and Ensuring They Are Successful

Understand and agree the process with your stakeholders before you get started. Key considerations when planning your learning spaces including: • What activities will take place here? • What learning is to be encouraged? • Are there cultural considerations? • What are the resource requirements? • How can the environment support your school’s brand? Success criteria – what works, what doesn’t? How research into the way students learn, resulted in the development of a comfortable, ergonomic and award-winning school chair. A journey with Furnware – The Arbor School Case Study.