Andrew Hartnett

Assistant Dean of Studies

GEMS Modern Academy

Andrew has been in education for the last 18 years. Currently at GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai as Assistant Dean of Studies, this is his 7th year working extensively along with the IT Department. Although his primary focus is dealing with Data and its analysis, he has been taking immersive technologies around the school and introducing the use of VR in classrooms to other audiences. He is active in the VR circuit and has been working with students of Determination using immersive lessons to engage them in learning. 


Immersive Technology Stage

25 February 2020 | 11:00 - 11:30 | English | Transitions and Modelling: Helping Students of Determination along the Road to Independence

One of the things we take for granted is our transition into activities, places, roles, and settings throughout the day. Wherever we are, transitions happen - most often naturally - as we move from one activity to another through the course of a day. However, transitioning is not smooth for everyone. For many each and every transition is perceived as a major experience. There are Students of Determination that need help with this process. At our school, GEMS Modern Academy, we use VR to help these students with their transitions. Using VR trips, virtual visitations and immersive environments we have been able to make transitions more manageable. We have also been able to add more value as we incorporate life skills as well. We are very pleased with the progress being made through these innovative interventions for our students on their road to independence.