Amol Arora

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

Shemrock and Shemrock Group of School

Mr. Amol Arora is considered South Asia’s No. 1 Schooling Expert. With 3decadesof Franchising experience-He has successfully Mentored Hundreds ofEntrepreneurs to set up and successfully run Preschools, Primary school, and 10+2Schools across India, Nepal & Bangladesh. 4 Lakh children have graduated fromhis schools standtestimony to the quality of education delivered in his schools.Now, for the past few years, his school chain has been experiencing exceptionalgrowth and opening ONE SCHOOL EVERY WEEK and as result, his chain is the"Limca Book of Records Holder for the Maximum Schools Opened in ShortestPossible Time"


Innovation Stage

25 February 2020 | 11:45 - 12:45 | Technology in Education: Empowering Learners & Transforming Institutional Culture

One of the most important roles of technology in education is its ability to make knowledge and information ubiquitously available. Also if it is not access controlled, technology also succeeds inproviding an equal opportunity platform with little or no discrimination.

In this session, panelists will discuss:

  • Is technology actually working for education institutions-making institutions more relevant and engaging, increasing student achievement; attracting, preparing, and retaining high-quality teachers and improving parental engagement?
  • Innovative models to optimize learning through technology adoption.
  • More and quicker or differently and better: How can we make the most of technology tosupport learning and culture in our institutions?
  • Making learning more effective: using mobile devices, blended learning, cloud infrastructure, extended reality, analytics & adaptive technologies, machine & deep learning, internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality or someother technology?
  • Role of Social Median education