Ali Almatari

Head of Department of Educational Technology

Ministry of Education

Head of Department of Educational Technology, Department of Human Resources Development, North Eastern Education, Sultanate of Oman. PHD in social science. Varkey Teacher Ambassador . Top 50 Finalist 2017 in Global teacher prize . Researcher in Administration education .Curriculum Teaching Method. Intel education program Trainer. lead researcher teams in many research projects. Participation to provide work and research papers in educational forums, local and international conferences. 


Future Learning

26 February 2020 | 14:00 - 14:30 | The Efficiency of Using Fresh Grade App in the Education Process

What is the problem? As a teacher, I want the student to succeed but I do not have the time to teach them all individually. As a student, I know I learn better, when I am interested in and involved in my learning. As a parent, I want to know more about how and what my kids are doing in school.

Communication is key:

- Education is shared between the home and the school.

- Good communication is important as we work together to support student learning. What is formative assessment?

-What am I going? Clear learning targets, criteria for success.

-How do I close the gap? Descriptive feedback, adjust instruction.

-Where am I now? Collect and document evident, analyze evident.

What are the aims of this project:

- Making use of Interactive educational platforms.

- The formation of positive attitudes towards e-learning.

- Twinning between the segments of the educational community. 

Also I will give the audience more than 51 ways to used Fresh Grade in education.