Alejandro Villaran

Seabery Augmented Technology is a global tech company pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) edtech solutions applied to skills training. We are leading the market of Augmented Reality training solutions thanks to our large worldwide network of partners within industry, institutions and education. We are a growing and flexible company, opened to new trends in technology, educational innovation and methodologies. Seabery Augmented Technology is formed by three companies: Seabery North America, Seabery International and Augmented Training Services.


Innovation Stage

27 February 2019 | 12:00 - 12:20 | English | Attracting New Generations to VET with Augmented Reality

Only in OECD there are more than 130 million industrial workers. Industrial skills training is antiquated, inefficient and expensive. The impact is global and significant. There is an increasing skills gap, as we have been pushing young people to university and the jobs market is changing much more rapidly than the education systems, university degrees cannot find a good job that pays them back for their investment in time and money at university, while industry cannot find the professionals they need. There is a big challenge to attract, engage and empower the current and next generation of industrial workers. Augmented Reality technology has the power to help a lot in this goal. Seabery is an Augmented Reality Skills Solutions company, we have over 500 clients, Government and big industrial companies, in 45 countries, that are already getting the benefits of AR to digitalize their skills training processes, and it is only the early adoption phase. The possibilities are almost unlimited and we will be happy to share our experience to help organizations define a plan to deploy AR in digitalizing their skills training processes.