Alaeddin AbuRob


Bareeqy Education

Highly accomplished education executive leader with proven quantitative, analytical, problem-solving, and conceptual thinking skills, extensive experience within big education programs and delivering strategic business planning initiatives for established and start-up organizations. A successful record of accomplishment of successful projects execution, coupled with in-depth practical knowledge of Edutech ,design and innovation, as well as designing competitive sales strategies and performance metrics to increase productivity across all levels in the organization, while maximizing business results. Thorough knowledge of implementing high-value education development and commercial strategies in support of long and short-term financial initiatives and developing unexplored opportunities for growth. A strong entrepreneurial spirit, with experience of leading cross-functionally within international matrix organizations and developing focused multi-cultural relationships with key internal and external stakeholders through excellent client interaction skills, collaborative work style, and strong interpersonal and team skills. Experience in program management, full P&L responsibility, ensuring financial performance sustainability and delivering Strategic Development initiatives with a core focus on People, Technology, Processes, and Growth.


Future Learning

26 February 2020 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Dare to Dream : Venture to Mars from Tuwaiq

We are facing a great challenge of how to utilize our kids time after school hours. The lack of extracurricular activities, and quality content is becoming a growing challenge. Only 15% of Saudi students were involved in extracurricular activities in 2016. Extracurricular activities are one of the key selection drivers for parents and schools that offer strong programs to quickly differentiate themselves in the market. Several studies touched this problem and discussed the impact of afterschool program on kids. In a recent study conducted by Harvard, questioned if the participation in a quality after-school programs will make a difference on the kids, and the short answer was yes. My presentation aims to provide decision makers an overview of the importance of such programs and how can a consistent high-quality After-school programs products, services and tools; benefit kids of our region to reach their dreams, try something new, explore innovation, and above all, to be ambitious.