Alaa Mohamed Elsayed

Student, inventor & a graphic designer

Al samha school

Alaa Mohamed Elsayed I am 15 years old A female journalist at the Abu Dhabi Media Network on Majid Channel Public speaker One of the ambassadors of digital change She has won several awards in different competitions Represented the United Arab Emirates in international competitions 7th place winner in the world I speak Arabic, English, Chinese, and Japanese The UAE team in the Arabic Language Olympiad, Informatics, and the International Junior Olympics Award-winning reading locally Gakushu, the first Japanese-Emirati cultural experience, a member of the (10 Years of Youth) program, and a recipient of the Mother of Arab Innovation Award at the country level. It is affiliated with my talent for the talented As an art, interior, exterior, 3D, and practice designer for children. She is the recipient of the Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Award for Youth Creativity in the Field of Graphic Design. A content creator, she has represented the UAE in several positions, parties, and occasions, making an example of the official spokesperson for her country at various events, and she was chosen as an ambassador for People of Determination. Inventor and home page of prosperity in the future.


Growth Mindset

16 November 2022 | 15:00 - 15:20 | English | Motivating youth for innovation and creativity

What if I have all the capabilities to do this, why should my age limit me. I am Alaa, 15 years old, a public speaker and an inventor.  What if each and every one of us is special in our own way.  We as humans have something that no other creature has, we have a brain that works 24 hours.  Bright minds shine anywhere, that’s what I believe. Many youths nowadays have many capabilities and hobbies and some have hidden talents but what’s limiting them is their community, the people around them, or their fear. I believe that a culture of the initiative making young people its author and actors boost their activity, audacity, and talent in local activism and social cohesion, citizenship and solidarity, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship. And public life helped their social and professional integration. It has stimulated core competencies and skills such as expressing ideas, defending projects adaptation considering constraints, teamwork, and individual work…