Ahmed Kamal

IB secondary teacher and Digital Leader, Dwight School Dubai

My current position is an IB secondary teacher and Digital Leader at Dwight School Dubai. It’s always been my passion to support other educators getting better in their fields whether in teaching and learning pedagogies as well as leadership strategies. Blended Learning Strategies, Technology Use and integrity in Teaching and Learning, and Curriculum and Assessment Development. I completed my Masters degree in Education (Management, Leadership and Policy in Education) from The British University in Dubai (2017-2019). My dissertation was on the effective use of technology and blended learning in Dubai international schools. Graduated with distinction in Dec 2019. At an external social level, I have been involved to work with the KHDA’s Head of Research Dr. Kaltham Kenaid in various workshops and training sessions provided to teachers and HODs in Dubai (2015-2019). Recently, I’ve been privately invited by the KHDA to attend the Qudwa Global Teachers’ forum in Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Palace (2017).


Leaders in Education Conference

14 November 2021 | 12:50 - 13:10 | Blended Learning

This workshop is based on a 4-days training course that I prepared during lock-down. This workshop was aimed at supporting teachers and heads of departments in the field of blended education due to its importance and the lack of effective practices which would definitely having a positive effect on the levels of progress and achievement of students, mainly due to my view, my studies and my scientific readings before and during my study of my Master’s on the weakness of educating teachers in this field, as well as the lack of correct concepts or useful workshops and courses for a wide range of teachers and department heads.