Ahmed Ashour

Ibnelameed Secondary School

Ibnelameed Secondary School

Master of e-learning in the Egyptian University of e-learning, special diploma Electronic learning, Bachelor of Science and Education Chemistry and nature of Cairo University A chemistry teacher at the secondary school of the Dean of the Ministry of Education of Kuwait, the author and presenter of educational programs in the educational channel of Kuwait, teacher Microsoft Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer


Immersive Technology Stage

26 February 2020 | 12:00 - 12:30 | English | The effectiveness of the use of augmented reality in teaching and learning chemistry

My experience will be presented in the use of enhanced reality technology in teaching chemistry and providing students with the skills of practical experience as one of the technological innovations and the impact on the achievement of secondary students and help to master the skills of conducting practical experiments by incorporating the technology of enhanced reality in the educational process together with the textbook, Chemistry is more fun and exciting for digital students in preparation for the 21st century labor market A case study with high school students at Ibn al-Amid secondary school in Kuwait.