Abhinand Chincholi

President and CEO

OneOrigin Inc

The philosophy of ‘Mindset has more power than anything else in the world’ is the motto that drives me and the entire workforce of OneOrigin to aim for the skies and seize the stars. I seek to drive value through Innovation in the arena of education by channeling the might of Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality to the rising generation of tomorrow. With Innovation, Consultative Client-Centric approach & Technology Unification being my core objective, I thrive to meet and resolve each client’s expectations while solving critical business issues to create win-win situations that helps in establishing long-term, successful customer relationships. Pioneering in making expeditious Transcript Processing and unified search engine a reality OneOrigin under my guidance forms the backbone of prestigious Universities and colleges in the USA and India. Our Technology driven approach aligns with the dream of’United in Knowledge’ and we are proud to be steadfast in changing the face of education for good. I thrive on the dream to strike a chord with the young creative minds around the world and build a future of students, by students and for students with ever learning and progressing environments with ceaseless creativity. With a mission to deliver value through astounding focus and exceptional innovative mindset, OneOrigin is empowering the technology shift within the Education sector from a reactive state to a proactive spirit.


Education Innovations

15 November 2022 | 14:00 - 14:20 | English | AI & Immersive Reality defining the new face for Education

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Extended Reality are rapidly reforming and enhancing the workings of numerous industries. It can greatly impact the education sector, where such technology attempts to increase the quality of education. AI and other technologies in education make teaching and learning accessible to all, regardless of where they live, while also fostering freedom, equality, and transparency. Collaboration between human teachers and artificial intelligence is critical in preparing future generations for the AI-infused work environment. It will also aid in the reduction of learning gaps and the generation of learning interests among students, as well as the amplification of learning ability, language affinity, and learning speed. Embracing AI and integrating it into the student’s academic progress within an institution would be extremely beneficial. Some areas that AI would have a direct impact on are recruitment, the enrolment process, delivering answers.