Abdulssalam Alnaji


Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Education and Head of the Leadership Development Program

Innovation Stage

26 February 2019 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Arabic | Model of Preparing and Qualifying Leaders

The idea of the program is to develop leaders, raise their efficiency and prepare them for better performance in their current positions, and equip them to occupy new leadership positions. This will be done by selecting a group of highly performing participants, equal to current or potential leaders, and then qualifying them as a professional qualification in leadership according to global methodologies in preparing leaders in a realistic and pragmatic local context. Objectives: The programme seeks to fulfilment the aspirations of the Ministry of Education to the qualification and development of leadership abilities and competencies, and to strengthen the human capacity development programme : A new governance system with possible leadership and expanded competencies for education departments. Its detailed objectives are as follows: • Preparing and qualifying leaders for leadership positions in the Ministry's head quarter and education departments in a systematic manner that contributes to the sustainability of the work according to best practices. • Dissemination of the culture and practices of qualification and empowerment of leaders in the Ministry of Education. • Develop and localize the systems and tools of the leaders ' industry and qualification. • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the educational sector and deepen its positive mobility. • Increased empowerment of women leaders.