Abdullah Aloufi


Hawazin School

Abdullah is on a mission to make us all more Creative. Abdullah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and a minor in Education from Taif University, and completed 900 hours course in Building leadership for change at OISE. He is working as an English teacher in Hawazin school and, studying Master of Arts in Instructional Media and Technology. He looks for a better way to do things always, from more innovative learning environments to a more engaging curriculum across different classrooms. This passion for creative change bring him to Gess Dubai again to share some experience.


Leadership stream

26 February 2020 | 13:00 - 13:30 | The 4 Levels of Classroom Leadership

Students are not engaged effectively in our classroom. I think that improving teacher skills to guide on the side and make classroom happier will fill the gap. As a result of my learning, searching and contemplating I applied a model which uses modern strategies that helps teachers in four levels of leadership. Level 1 is a position. where students follow because they have to. Level 2 is a permission. when the students follow because they want to. And this could happen when the teacher build learning community, use art and technology to make classroom time more fun. Level 3 is a production. Students and teacher will work as a team to achieve their goals together, and the students follow because of what the leader has done for their education. Level 4 is a student’s development. Students will be happy to share knowledge, inquire and search outside curriculums and learn for their future. We will discuss how to use existing tools to make a classroom a happier place.