Abdullah Almohaya

Chairman of the Department of Educational Technology

Arab bureau of Education for Gulf states

Assistant professor of educational technology, he has co-authored books, and done research, and participated in international conferences on e-learning. He is now chairman of the department of education technology at King Khalid University, also he is a member of the Board of National Center for E-Learning in Saudi Arabia. He was a member of the committee of University Reference Architecture at e-government program in Saudi Arabia, and he worked in a number of e-learning projects at the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States.Previously he worked as CIO and e-learning director at King Khalid University


Education in action

27 February 2020 | 10:15 - 11:00 | Arabic | Safety in Utilizing Social Media and Internet in Educational Institutions

This 45-minutes workshop focuses on the basic knowledge and professional skills that teachers require for adopting safe and pedagogical implantation for social media network (SMN) in educational institutions(EIs). The session introduces planning and implementation stages of SMN. In addition, it highlights best practices for a positive implementation at EIs. The session consists of four themes: 1- SMN as a learning medium 2- Ethical and legal framework for using SMN in the field of education 3- Planning for SMN implantation 4- Measurement of EIs’ readiness for SMN implementation