Future Learning

Future Learning

10:30 - 11:00App Building for Primary with MIT App Inventor

This presentation will be a practical demonstration of using MIT App Inventor with primary students. We will begin by looking at some examples of apps our students have made followed by a practical demonstration whereby the audience will build their own first Android App that they can then take away.

Language : English

11:30 - 12:00Seesaw for innovation collaboration and communication

Learn how to use Seesaw App for innovative collaboration and communication. Teachers and administrators will learn how to collaborate and communicate with one another and with parents using a simple, yet highly engaging and effective tool. Increase parental involvement and engagement, give students ownership of their learning, create e-portfolios for students that follow them throughout the years, share knowledge and skills with peer students, create flipped lessons, and so much more. This workshop if for those willing to take risks, explore new technologies, and is an experiential learning opportunity that will guarantee to ignite a flame for STEAM based learning and encourage a growth and innovative mindset for teachers and administrators alike. 

Language : English

12:00 - 12:30What has 5 years in teacher gamification taught us?

Games are an age old practice used for entertaining, relaxing -and learning. It is truly the type of everyday pedagogy that engages, excites and motivates people of all ages. A single game won't take you far but using the game elements, gamification, is what makes it a universal and interesting tool for all teachers. Gamification helps engage students and make learning more efficient. The magic of games creates a reality where new rules apply: students can try and fail ina safe environment. Mobile technology allows gamification to be used easily within and outside the classroom. Seppo is a gamification tool that helps teachers gamify their lessons and curriculums. The product was developed by Finnish teachers and it has users in 20 countries. The founders of the company share the lessons learned and insights of their users: how have teachers used gamification over the (past five) years and how are students responding to it.

Language : English

12:30 - 13:00STEAM education for generation alpha

The alpha generation, which was introduced at a very early age with technology and the virtual world, includes children born in 2010 and beyond. This generation covers the preschool and primary school students today. It is expected that this generation, which comprehend technology as a part of their life, is dominated by technology but unfortunately away from socialization and collaborative work. In this case, in order to support creative thinking as well as STEM, the involvement of art and STEAM activities should be supported by group work in the field of interdisciplinary studies

Language : English

13:00 - 13:30Innovation in Education through Microsoft Technologies

My talk with be the blend of presentation, demonstration and group activities and it will be on the theme of " Empower every educator on the planet to learn more" Microsoft latest technologies will be introduced and educators get understanding of integrating technology in subject and importance of digitaltechnology to engage students in the classroom will be highlighted. 

Language : English

13:30 - 14:00Effective School Management Building a digital Platform for teaching and learning

Teaching and learning are at the heart of all JESS practice. Using Microsoft SharePoint as ourchosen platform, we have created an innovative approach to the storage and access of all learning resources and curriculum documentation. This way of working allows JESS teachers to plan and collaborate in the Cloud, creating a rich digital experience. This session will provide a live demonstration, discussion of the benefits and a breakdown of the planning behind the initiative.

Language : English

14:00 - 14:30Google VR and Expeditions: Opening the Classroom doors to the world!

Google IT During this practical demonstration, Mark will guide teachers and school leaders into the world of virtual reality. Using the latest free Google Expeditions tools, we'll explore the range of expeditions you can take your children on, without leaving the classroom! Mark will provide practical tips about setting up VR for classrooms, advice on how schools can embed virtual reality into a school curriculums and scheme of works to ensure VR has a positive impact on outcomes, and we'll also look at how schools can take their VR further - 360 content creation!

Language : English

14:30 - 15:00Developing the Smart Future Ready Citizen

Altamont Group is helping Smart Dubai with its education roadmap. Our CEO will share best practices and curriculum ideas that enable government and education entities to develop robust capabilities enabling the use of technology for smart city development.

Language : English

15:30 - 16:00Planning for STEAM-based Science in the Primary and EYFS phases

Discussing and sharing ideas as to how to plan for STEAM based activities and learning opportunities in a Science topics. Looking at ideas, real-life applications and providing an opportunity for people to share their ideas as to how they feel this could be implemented in their schools/classrooms. 

Language : English

16:00 - 16:30The Future of Learning - Implications for Leaders and Teachers

In this presentation Stephen will discuss the future of learning in education and role of technologies such as AI and VR. Stephen will discuss the implications for future school buildings, environments, and classrooms. He will then discuss the teachers future role and implications for leaders in a new era of change management leadership. 

Language : English

10:30 - 11:00The Master Chef Murder. An iBeacon Murder Mystery

* Please ensure you have downloaded the apps required BEFORE you arrive at the WTC and you bring your own tablet/ipad and your own set of headphones for all of Joe's sessions *

Think you can solve the case? Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? Now is your chance to find out.The Master Chef is a new experience in Literacy and language work. It encourages the development of critical thinking skills and collaborative work as well the full integration of mobile technology into the experience of solving an actual case!  iBeacons are innovative and new technology that trigger content to appear in mobile devices dependant on your location. Content in the free app will appear as you move from location to location. Once downloaded no wifi is needed! This facilities a high quality experience as the content triggers videos, pictures, text, audio and highly interactive and engaging puzzles for you to solve as you gather your evidence and attempt to solve the case.  The Master Chef Murder comes complete with ten detailed and motivating lesson plans and supporting documents. This session will allow you to sample the Murder Mystery for yourself, examine the evidence, try out some of the puzzles and clues and check out the lesson plans.  There is the prize of a free copy of the Master Chef Murder to the most successful detective, or detective team for you to take back to your school. 



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Language : English

11:00 - 11:30#FutureSchool: are you talking to your parents effectively?

During this session, you will learn to how to streamline your parent communications - delivering the right information, at the right time AND in the right channel(s). Learn to publish content ONCE, and aggregate it into all available 11.00-11.30 STEM Future Proofing your school- Panels session form GESS Talks  time may change  GBM- Jesse -Steve Cox - Joe and others  HF asked Steve on 8th Nov Helen to ask James from Innoventures 
Parental engagement  communication channels (website, mobile, apps, signage, email & even print). Parents are your best ͚salesforce͛ and want to brag about their children and your school. Are you giving them enough rich content for this to happen easily - without spending lots of time putting it together? Stop being "busy fools" and stop wasting money being 'technology-led'. Understand users & behaviour - and architect your comms strategy efficiently

Language : English

11:30 - 12:00K-12 Space Education

The world now is in need of more problem solvers, innovators, and critical thinkers. This is not going to be attained unless we -as educators- focus on building a contextualized learning approach in which students can apply their knowledge and skills in a real-life context. Unfortunately, the traditional education is focusing on teaching different subjects separately. That is why STEM education has its great impact on education. STEM practices are about integrating the 4 pillars -Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math- in an interdisciplinary approach within a real-lifcontext. For this reason, the importance of space education emerges. Space education covers a lot of aspects such as, programming, technology, problem solving, etc. That is why we should start building a comprehensive space education program which helps students to think critically in an inspiring learning environment. In this presentation we will show how we can plan and implement a space program.  

Language : English

13:00 - 13:30STEM Girls are GEMS Girls!

What would happen if girls could network with each other who are also interested in STEM? What if digital networks and international exchange programs facilitate new friendships, and potentially future professional relationships? This presentation highlights real-life examples of organizations that have successful programs, but also include my personal through The GEMS Camp - Girls interested in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science. We will discuss how UAE girls have incredible opportunities to fill the global pipeline of shortage of STEM employees, with the UAE's commitment to technological advancements and education. This includes creativity development, career development, leadership development, service learning opportunities, as well as academics. If girls have STEM role models - high school, college and career, they see themselves at every stage of the journey. Join me with my virtual guests - GEMS Camp participants from Dallas, Texas as we share our journey with you!

Language : English

13:30 - 14:00Connecting the classroom to the world

In this presentation the speaker will discuss about the importance of globalization in education. Through global activities, the traditional learning is transformed into flat learning and engaging projects with real-world applications which promote creativity, address all learners, provide success for all students, make content meaningful, provide an authentic audience, motivate students and empower students to make a difference. Presenter will support and justify the points by analyzing the Internet of things and Education 3.0 in 21century and will introduce the different platforms to educators to connect students from different parts of the world so that they can learn together, share knowledge and develop cultural understanding and relationships

Language : English

14:30 - 15:00The Use of One Note

With JESS Dubai now in its second year of students and staff using the Surface Pro, the employment of One Note serving as a digital exercise book, and as a planning and administration platform, has revolutionized teaching and learning across the school. Join Amy to discover how the use of OneNote has greatly benefited and enhancedstudent progress, planning, marking, and resources. 

Language : English

15:00 - 15:30RoboCorps: Using peer interaction to teach Robotics

A case study of two students using peer-to-peer interaction to outreach and teach robotics to students that had never been exposed to it. RoboCorps was set up to invite students from one school, American Community School, with an expertise in robotics to share their knowledge with students from other schools. Non-Profit community schools, like Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Bangladesh School, were identified and a pilot program was started. Jaafer Saadat set up a student club that met in house at ACS every week. Once a month the students from ACS would meet with the students at SKBZ Bangladesh School to help them with the robotics projects and to get them ready to participate in the World Robotics Olympiad (WRO). Noor-Aysha was a great role model in encouraging girls to participate in Robotics. In WRO 2016 one team from SKBZ Bangladesh school went up to the semi final round and in 2017 one team was the Bronze medal winners.

Language : English

15:30 - 16:00Making Fakebook: Giving primary students an opportunity to explore social media and learn responsible digital citizenship in a safe environment

The aim of this session will be to provide primary educators and leaders with an example of the ways that social media and responsible digital citizenship can be taught through the creation of a safe, private social media network. It is essential for students to be provided with the skills and knowledge of how social media works to make informed choices and act responsibly when using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. This session will demonstrate one particular platform and give participants access to experience for themselves what students are able to see and do.

Language : English

16:00 - 16:30Practical Guide: How to become a 1:1 Google School

Mark will cover a range of topics and considerations that schools must evaluate and plan for when trying to become a successful 1:1 school. Mark has worked with over 150 schools in the Middle East region to help plan, deploy and successfully implement IT strategy. What are the common misconceptions and problems that teachers and schools face? Mark will provide a useful 'cheat sheet' for staff to take back to their institutions!

Language : English

10:30 - 11:00Preparing the Young Generation for Life and Work

With about two billion jobs becoming obsolete in another decade, there is a serious crisis of unemployment ballooning towards a point of explosion. How are we as educators addressing these issues? Indian education system inclines much towards the “preparation of exams”, where students’ aspiration, strength and potential is sidelined and the whole process of schooling is driven by teachers, tuitions and parents. With very little or no thought towards giving students the responsibility of their own learning and helping them develop their innate – unique abilities. Considering that the very core of the education is to enable all young children through their years in school develop the attributes of an informed citizen and have the knowledge and the skills they will need to be successful in learning, in life and in work. Poonam's talk will highlight how with the understanding of Science of How We Learn, educators can address each child's unique needs and help them 'know thyself'. 

Language : English

12:00 - 12:30INNOV8TR- Developing Students Innovators

'Innovation' has rapidly become the predominant industrial and educational buzz word in recent years. The need for critical, creative thinkers to develop solutions to the world͛s most pressing issues is becoming ever more crucial. But what is innovation? How can we, as teachers, specifically develop qualities of an innovator in our students?  With experience delivering innovative Design and Technology education over the past 16 years, along with a number or freelance projects under his belt, Evo Hannan has launched INNOV8TR, a re-thinking of the way we approach the development of innovative mindsets in our students. He is extremely passionate about real-world learning opportunities and has made it his mission to empower teachers in the transformation of traditional approaches to education, by offering imaginative and authentic ways to help foster the next generation of world-changing innovators. 

Language : English

12:30 - 13:00Digital Learning in KS2

This year our school has worked hard to adapt the British National Curriculum to incorporate elements of the National Agenda and EXPO 2020 to fit the types of learners and continuous change we have here in Dubai. With this in mind, we as teachers, are trying to forge the pathways for our students to become more independent and innovative thinkers and therefore learners. As teachers by nature we like to 'be in control' in the classroom and so therefore we can struggle to allow our children to make the choices necessary to become more creative and innovative in their thinking. I believe technology plays a huge part in scaffolding and supporting this change in the classroom. I have several tools which I would like to share with fellow teachers on a practical level. 

Language : English

13:30 - 14:00Embodying learning with mobile gamification platform Seppo

In this presentation Rui and DAA's students will be showcasing some of the school's projects this year using Finnishmobile gamification platform Seppo. From creative class experiences to school-wide innovation events and teacher orientation days, the Seppo platform has enabled mobile learning to become an engaging, community-building force this year, with all kinds of multimodal affordances to offer.  

Language : English

14:30 - 15:00Flipping the Classroom with Google Education and Chromebooks

In this interactive presentation, you'll get the opportunity to have a hands-on play with some of the free tools that Google Education provides teachers to change the way they teach. We'll explore different ways you can give students anytime, anywhere learning that can improve the independence and outcomes of your students!

Language : English