Exhibitor list

  • TabTop
    • Saudi Arabia
    • A51

We provide smart educational solutions by offering an array of advanced technologies to meet the aspirations of all segments in our society.

  • Tatweer Company For Educational Services T4Edu.com
    • Saudi Arabia
    • H30

شركة سعودية، مملوكة لصندوق الاستثمارات العامة، إحدى شركات تطوير التعليم القابضة، شركة تطوير للخدمات التعليمية شركة رائدة في مجال تطوير التعليم في المملكة وخارجها، توفّر الحلول المبتكرة التي تمكّن الأطفال والشباب من الحصول على التعليم الأمثل في القرن الحادي والعشرين. وتسعى الشركة إلى تطوير النظام التعليمي في المملكة بشكل شمولي، وتزويد الطالب بالمعرفة والمهارة ليبلغ أقصى درجات النجاح في نطاق اقتصادي معرفي عالمي. وهي المنفذ الحصري لمشاريع وبرامج الخطة الاستراتيجية لتطوير التعليم العام في السعودية

  • TAVANA Nano Educational Company
    • Iran
    • C41

TAVANA Co. provides Nanotechnology educational training services and supplies Nanotechnology educational kits, experimental and analytical lab equipment. Training is offered to various student age group ranges from 7-17 years old. TAVANA Co. has designed and produced this unique educational package to introduce Nanotechnology education to young students with simple concepts. The package demonstrates application of Nano products when compared with non-Nano products.

  • TES
    • United Kingdom
    • M40

Tes has supported great teaching for over 100 years. We help teachers and leaders find the information and tools they need to succeed, creating the space for great teaching. That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive technology to address the specific needs of teachers and educational leaders; with, at its heart, a supportive online community of over 8 million peers. Find your space to succeed at Tes.com. Tes. For teaching

  • TEST Account
    • United Arab Emirates
    • 1
  • Texthelp
    • United Kingdom
    • B1

We believe that literacy is every student’s passport to success. That’s why we’ve created a range of support technologies to help learners understand content and read and write fluently. Our assistive software is used by ELL and ESL students, worldwide. Our software supports learners through a range of reading and writing features. It can be used at each step of the educational journey to raise attainment levels and to support students in various learning environments.

  • The British Connection Ltd
    • United Kingdom
    • M45

British Connection Uniforms in partnership with Blue Max Banner, UK; as their exclusive Distributors in the Middle East are pleased to announce their participation at GESS, Dubai. We will be displaying a wide range of school uniforms - bespoke and generic as well as a strong collection of Orion and Aptus Sportswear. With our innovative tool kit, we can create a completely bespoke kit for you; made in England to ensure excellent quality durability.

  • The First Tool
    • China
    • E34

Shenzhen zhouyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., products cover preschool products, school-age educational products , school education , home education products, covering ages 3-18 years old. Category including class fight inserted blocks, intelligent control systems, humanoid robot , teaching miniature machine tools, CNC machine tools, machine tool family activities , vocational colleges large CNC equipment, intelligent tools, 3D printers , laser engraving equipment.

  • The Knowledge Hub
    • United Arab Emirates
    • V10

The Knowledge Hub is one of the Middle East’s pioneers in providing technology integration in K-12 schools and universities. For 16 years, it has been a dynamic advocate of quality education helping nearly half a million students throughout the region. A supporter of UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda which highlights the development of a first-rate education system, it transforms traditional classrooms into dynamic learning environments through state-of-the-art ICT solutions that support 21st Century learning initiatives.

  • The Nisai Group
    • United Kingdom
    • N11

The Nisai Group provides personalised and supported education to learners who are unable to attend mainstream due to being displaced, disabled, disengaged or detached. Our accredited programmes are delivered online to learners from any locations including at home or school. During GESS, take the opportunity to learn about the Nisai Virtual Academy - the online learning platform at the centre of our holistic learning environment, and various delivery models we have to offer.

  • Time Dimension Trading
    • United Arab Emirates
    • S40

TDME based in Dubai over 12 years, and specialized in providing solutions for various markets. The focus on Robotic education came based on the vision and knowledge of the company in this growing market. The products we introduce are mainly focused on children education at schools and home, to building knowledge of STEAM education and create social living and challenges while playing their hobbies.

  • Trutex Ltd
    • United Kingdom
    • O45

Visit us for the finest in school uniforms, sportswear and accessories. Working with the leading brands in the UK can offer you superior quality and craftsmanship that stands up to the stresses of school life. Working directly from the region allows us to gain a real understanding of the needs of the schools in this area and we work with schools closely to ensure any uniform is perfect for that school.