Exhibitor list

    • United Kingdom
    • N23

CELCAT a market leader and creator of the state of the art Timetabler application suite. For 30 years, CELCAT has worked to create innovative, feature-rich applications, flexible enough to meet the real-world problems faced by colleges and universities worldwide. CELCAT Timetabler is a fully integrated system to create and publish timetables, track student attendance, manage room booking and much more… Why not come and see what CELCAT can do for you?

  • CES Holdings Ltd.
    • United Kingdom
    • M20

CES provides a 'one-stop-shop' for the supply of educational resources (mostly books, equipment and furniture) to international schools worldwide and is the market leader in this specialized field. At GESS we are highlighting Community Playthings. Community Playthings works with CES Holdings to bring you the safest and most durable furniture, toys and equipment available to early years settings. Community Playthings have been creating beautiful learning environments for over 50 years.

  • Changsha SunSky Electronic Design Development CO.,Ltd.
    • China
    • E33

Live-feedback in the class with SunVote Student Response Solution.Teachers can to launch questions and receive real-time student feedback with SunVote clickers. SunVote software can assist teachers to assess the understanding of students instantly, visualize the data link of student progress. SunVote was established in1998, more than 80 countries users use SunVote solution. We provide purchasing, SDK, customization service, welcome to visit www.sunvote.com.cn for more details.

  • CHIeru Co., Ltd
    • Japan
    • X34

CHIeru is a leading ICT education system manufacturer in Japan, and has developed a Digital Language Lab system “CaLabo”. CaLabo EX is the most popular Computer-Assisted Language Lab system brand in Japan. With CaLabo EX, institutions can create a computer-assisted language learning environment that includes high quality audio, video and multimedia educational resources. CHIeru supports all children`s achievement to build their future.

  • CHQ Group
    • United Kingdom
    • 040

CHQ’s extra-curricular software modules manage: 1. clubs and societies 2. trips and events 3. sports and fixtures 4. transport 5. extended school care (NEW) 6. community membership and holiday clubs (NEW) 7. parents evenings (NEW) We offer: • Online activity sign-up – also processing payments • Different activity allocation methods • Mobile app to take attendance • Email SMS messaging to participants/parents • Improved safeguarding - identify ‘who is where’ during ECA periods•

  • Chungpa EMT Co.. Ltd
    • South Korea
    • P31
  • CMA
    • Netherlands
    • R20

CMA has 30 years experience in developing attractive technology for STEM Education. Our main products are: - Modern, high-quality data-logging and control devices, working with computers, tablets, graphical calculators or standalone. - Sensors and actuators, which can be connected to these devices. - Software, our learning and authoring software suite Coach, offers a unique combination of tools for data-logging, control, video/image measurement, modeling, simulations, and creating multimedia activities. - Innovative, inquiry-based learning and teaching resources.

  • Connect
    • United Kingdom
    • N20

Connect are a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) consultancy working with awarding bodies, schools and healthcare trusts to promote inclusion in education through specialist transcription services and education and awareness training. Our aim is to ensure that barriers to learning are removed to enable every child and young person to access the curriculum in an inclusive classroom.

  • Creative Robotics U.A.E.
    • United Arab Emirates
    • E40

Creative Robotics objective is to improve the S.T.E.M. and soft skills of all students aged 5-15 in an engaging and educational format to better prepare them for the future. Our unique process engages students in a competitive real-world linked challenge that can be completed within 2 hours, with no pre-requisite knowledge, using technology (e.g. Robotics) as a tool. Our new online system allows any school to incorporate the curriculum into their education program.

  • Crossbow Education Ltd
    • United Kingdom
    • M12

Crossbow Education are a UK company that have been supplying schools since 1993 with literacy and numeracy resources for children with dyslexia and other SpLDs. Crossbow are winners of the GESS awards 2016 SEN Supplier of the Year; ERA (UK) awards Educational Supplier of the Year 2012, 2013; ERA awards SEN Product of the Year 2014. Their multisensory literacy kit is an ideal investment for new and expanding SEN departments in English medium international schools.